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This page contains Photos of a few Drummers who have influenced my style.

This is the (short-lived) band I was in (2004). That's me, to your right (arms crossed).

Okay, now....the following are pics of men who have influenced me as a drummer. Some go back to when I first stated playing and the following photos represent a few who have made an impact on my personal style.

For starters, here is Don Brewer (of GFR).

This is Dave Weckle. By far, he is one of the absolute BEST drummers in the world (IMHO).

Mr. Phil Ehart ! He's not only one of my favorite, but, his work with Kansas actually triggers an emotional side of me that's difficult to explain (diehard Kansas fans will know what I'm talking about). His work with Kerry Livgren in songs like, "The Pinnacle", "Song for America", "Hopelessly Human" and "Journey From Mariabronn" (just to name a few of a very long list) are still very much appreciated today.

Robert Sweet. He's one of the best double-bass drummers this world has ever seen / heard...in my opinion. Here's a pic of him in concert with Stryper ('remember those guys? :-). He's quite the 'showman' too. I actually shook his hand once after a gig. Nice guy.

This is another excellent drummer and, of course, one of my FAVEZ.....Mr. Kenny Arornoff (J.C. Melncmp's drummer). He probably has the best instructional vid on the market (again, in my humble opinion). 

Tommy Aldridge. He's also very big on the double-kick thang. I've learned some cool stuff from his video (with some very cool hand- and- foot 5-note, and six-note patterns). He used to play for a band called, "Black Oak Arkansas" in the 70s. Truly another big influence for me.

Neil Peart of "Rush".  'Nuff said.

Mike Portnoy....indeed one of the BEST of the best Drummers in the world....and I don't see how anyone can dispute that fact.

Okay...'guess that's about it for THIS website. Thanks for visiting !!!       ~D.R.





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