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“Mr. Worn Sticks”  (Drummer for Hire).

Older drummer here, with over 30 years exp., looking to play in a "one-time-only" type of scenario (private party, corporate [company party], special event, etc.). I’m interested in working with people in the 30-to-50 yr.-old range, but, “age” is really not a big issue with me. What’s more important is that everyone in the band, or organization, can work together well…regardless of age. I was in a ‘Rock-Country’ variety band for 4 years, and I’ve played mostly the Classics from Metalica to Johnny Cash (70s main stream, top-40 stuff), i.e. Rock, Southern Rock, Blues, Ballads, doin' a wide variety of ‘covers’ like: Led Z., B. Segar, Marshall Tucker, Alm. Bros., SRV., H.W., Jr., Jeff Healey, Eagles, D. Yokum, Kansas, R. Stones, Van Halen, D. Bowie, Bad Company, Judas Priest, Eric Clptn., Doobie Bros., GFR, Deep Purple, YES, Boston, Uriah Heep, JC Mllncamp., CSN&Y, & well…you get the picture. I’ve also played some alternative / modern rock (STP, 3-Doors Down, Nirvana, RHCP, etc.) and some jazz. I live in the Lafayette area and can cover Lafayette, Kokomo, Logansport, and surrounding areas, etc...and, well.......even Indy and beyond…...if the 'price is right'. I’ve played in the lowest of dives to the ritziest of nightclubs and lodges (well…“ritzy” for Indiana, anyway) and even for several churches! I have plenty of stage experience (including outdoor gigs and private parties) and can sing back-up vocals (harmonies), though, I’d rather just stick to drumming…but, I’m flexible !! Any takers, let me know at: nothingtoprove@myway.com .

It's my desire to play out professionally (again), have some fun, and make some "$" with like-minded, talented men and women who enjoy playing music as much as I do. I also have a resume and 7-track CD sampler DEMO (with click track) available upon request. I need a new kit, but, I’m ‘workin’ on that ($). Some of my influences are: Don Brewer, Phil Ehart, Robert Sweet, Dave Weckle, Steve Smith, Tommy Aldridge, and Kenny Aronoff. My experience includes music from both the Christian and secular markets. I am dependable, honest, ‘easy to get along with’, and I’m also open to performing on a 'national' level. There's more info on next page, and if interested, plz send an e-mail msg. Thanks!



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